Apr 18

How Many Things Do You Know About Horn Rimmed Glasses?


Originally, horn rimmed glasses are referred to eyewear with frames made from horn, tortoise shell and some other materials. Now as fashion evolves, the definition of horn rimmed glasses has also changed to dark tinted eyeglasses with thick frames. Many people say geek glasses are horn rimmed glasses. Now horn rimmed glasses have been referred to as geek or nerd glasses. Today's horn rimmed glasses may look like the old ones, but there is a major difference in the materials. Before, it is made from horn, tortoise shell and some other materials, now it is mainly made of plastic. Actually not so many people will care about this because it is an irreversible trend that plastic has replaced horn and tortoise shell almost completely because using horn or tortoise can cause serious damages to the environment.

horn rimmed glasses

Horn rimmed glasses have a long history that is remembered by many fashionistas. From the 19th century to this day, horn rimmed glasses have experienced highs and lows in history. Now the status and popularity of horn rimmed glasses have built up and they are popular in all time. Iconic American silent movie comedian, Harold Lloyd, might have been the first to popularize black horn rimmed glasses. Interestingly, the gimmick he used at that times have become so popular among today's fashionistas.

horn rimmed glasses

It can be said that people who are tradition-oriented often make horn rimmed glasses as their first choices. With today's technology and technique, but in yesterday's styles, horn rimmed glasses can bring the wearers back to the golden days when their icons have worn these fabulous eyeglasses. Actually, today's horn rimmed glasses are anything but traditional eyewear. It is designed with wholly new concepts and ideas. If you want make a modern fashion statement, horn rimmed glasses that are designed with contemporary styles have a wide range of choices. If you are interested in horn rimmed glasses, you can search some websites such as firmoo. Cheap glasses in a wide variety are stocked many there.

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