May 4

Bifocal sunglasses make your life easier


How wonderful it might be if all people have good eyesight. However, the fact is that most of people have to wear eyeglasses to achieve good vision. Besides, they have to wear particular eyeglasses according to eye diseases such as eyeglasses, bifocal eyeglasses, progressive eyeglasses etc. Still some people have to prepare for several pairs of different eyewears for different distances or different occasions.  


Although those eyeglasses bring users vision aids or eye protection, it is really inconvenient to take several pairs of eyeglasses or sunglasses when we go out. For people who need to correct vision for two distances, are you still wearing two pairs of eyeglasses for life? In fact, we have a better way to meet this problem. You can choose bifocal eyeglasses. It could not only protect your eyes from UV rays, but also correct vision for both distances. With a pair of bifocal glasses, you won’t be bothered by switching back and forth constantly between your reading glasses and prescription eyeglasses to see far.


Besides, bifocals are also applied to sunglasses. In this season the shinny sunshine outside always attracts us to enjoy sunshine. However, long-time exposure to the sunlight will cause strains on eye muscles or lead to some eye disease like cataracts or keratitis. So, we need to wear sunglasses to get eye protection. For people who need vision aids, they have to wear prescription sunglasses. But common signal vision can’t meet the demands of people who need to correct vision for two or more distances. So, people invented bifocal sunglasses and progressive.


Those bifocal sunglasses combine bifocal glasses with sunglasses in terms of functionality and style. Bifocal sunglasses are really good choices for people who have to correct vision for both distances. It not only provides vision aids, but also provides UV protection. Wearing a pair of bifocal sunglasses, you don’t worry that the UV rays in sunshine will hurt your eyes while you enjoy sunshine and beautiful scenery. How cozy it is!

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  1. jessyca Says:

    Aha i just wnated to say thanks im doing a report n this helped a lot(:

  2. jessyca Says:

    heyy i just wnated to say thaks im doing a report n this helped a lot(:

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